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Process Used for Possum Pest Control Melbourne

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Identify & Catch

We study the various locations in a property that are possible hideouts for possums. That makes us identify the possums and catch them easier. We will chalk up a suitable plan of action for the possum removal which includes the elimination done with the help of traps and cages.

Our Possum catcher Melbourne teams have trained, certified and compassionate members and they carry out the possum removal in a gentle and harmless manner.

Putting Them Somewhere Else

After catching the possums they are released in accordance with the guidelines of the Australian government. Our possum removal Melbourne team carefully moves them to another safer location for relocating them. The law permits us to relocate them within the 50 meters radius


Sealing off Access Points

Possums are shrewd pests and they can come into your house again. So, to avoid this from happening we close all the entry points which previously gave them access to your house. Closing off those points and fencing is a crucial step in ridding your property off possums in future.

Types of Possums in Australia

Possums are white or grey in color with pointy noses, razor-sharp teeth and long tails. They are up to 40 inches long. The average male opossum is about 6-7 pounds while the female weighs up to 4 pounds. Australia has over 27 different species of possums. Some of them can travel over a kilometer with a single jump. Listed ahead are some common species that are found in Australia.

Common brushtail possum

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Eastern pygmy possums


Long tailed pygmy possum

moth control

Mountain pygmy possums

flea control

The little pygmy possum

Borer control

Western pygmy possums

ant control

Possum Control Melbourne

Having possums on your property is a dangerous proposition. Having them removed with the help of certified pest controllers and Possum catcher Melbourne is extremely important.

Contact Near me possum removal Melbourne without delay for your possum infestation issue at hand. Get in touch with our courteous and helpful staff by dialing 0380072140. Do not attempt to remove the possums by yourself as it is dangerous as well as illegal. Leave the job to the experts!

Why is Possum Pest Control Melbourne Important?

Possums spell a lot of danger to humans in terms of health and damage to property. If they are not removed they may end up living in your ceiling, chimney, roof or loft for a lot longer. Mentioned ahead are few reasons why you need to get rid of possums without any delay:

Health Concerns

Possums are carriers of parasites and germs that trigger diseases. They can carry a number of infectious diseases such as, leptospirosis, tularemia, tuberculosis, recurring fever, spotted fever, and many more. Possums are dirty creatures which are why germs and parasites end up on them. You do not want to compromise the health of your family at any cost. Their nests also can harbor diseases.


Pets’ Health Issue

While a possum can cause a number of health issues as mentioned above in humans, possums can be problematic for your beloved furry friends as well. Possums may not like the existence of your pets and in addition to troubling your pet food, the possum can also spread diseases onto your pet. They may also attempt to scare or injure your pets.

Damage Issues to Your Home and Property

Possums leave their droppings and urine when they enter your surroundings and also when they feel threatened. Not to mention, the sharp smell of the urine and the droppings throughout the atmosphere.

Irrespective of which place the possum has occupied on your property, it will induce a lot of damage everywhere. They are commonly known to occupy garages, basements, lofts and openings in walls. Their activity can trigger a lot of damages to your property which can lead to a lot of reparation work as well. These pests can trigger unbelievable damage to HVAC units, thermal insulation and other important items with their gnawing.


Damage to Your Garden

Possums can live in your garden too because there the supply of food they need is continuous. It can feast on the vegetables and fruits that you have painstakingly grown in your garden. It can also entirely crush and damage your garden including the flower beds and soil.

What Are the Signs of Possum Infestation?

Scraping Sounds

Possum scurries and scampers throughout the attics, storage areas, roof basements or any other place that they occupy in your house. They make shredding and scrabbling noises that are absolutely irritating, intolerable and very loud as well. Possums are nocturnal creatures and such weird hissing noises could be heard predominantly in the dead of the night.

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Unpleasant Overpowering Smells

Possums eliminate waste more often and their stools are relatively bigger than those of any other pest. When the urine or stools come into contact with building materials, it triggers unpleasant and overpowering smells. If there are dead possums on the property they do not just smell terrible but also decay and amplify the smells.

Damage To Your Building

Dossum infestation in your property can also cause damage to your property from the outside. Damaged roofs, broken eaves and damaged drainage systems are some signs that can establish the presence of possums on your property and that you need to keep an eye out for. They can climb up chimneys and die inside leaving a horrific smell on the property and surroundings.

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Empty Pet Food Bowls

Possums are attracted to food kept in your pet’s bowl. If you see pet food disappearing immediately after you have filled or refilled it that could be a sign of a possible possum infestation.

Tips to Keep Possums Away

You can keep possums from running haywire in your property with these basic steps:

Difference Between Rats and Possums

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Melbourne Possum Removal

Has any possum entered your home through the overgrown trees in your garden? To reduce such risks, it would be best to hire professionals from our possum removal Melbourne team to remove such insects from your property.

Efficient and Reliable Possum Removal and Possum Control Melbourne Services

Have you seen possums or a family of possums roaming around in your garden? Has any possum entered your home through the overgrown trees in your garden? If yes, then it is time to opt for the proficient services of Near me possum removal Melbourne.

We deliver professional possum pest control Melbourne services with the help of our certified and trained pest controllers. Our possum removal services guarantee 100% customer satisfaction and hence are preferred by numerous clients living in Melbourne.

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Asked Questions

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Getting rid of possums by yourself from your Melbourne property is not advisable. Do not attempt to catch these animals on your own. If they feel trapped or exposed that could be very perilous for you. Contact 0380072140 and also get dead possum removal Melbourne done by the experts.

The Possum removal cost Melbourne is dependent on many factors. Contact Near me possum removal Melbourne on 0380072140 to discuss your queries and get your free quote from us.

Possums can be kept away from your property by blocking all their points of access. You need to have the property possum-proofed by the experts.

Yes, Near me possum removal Melbourne does provide dead possum removal Melbourne. Dial 0380072140 for more details.

No, we do not make use of chemicals that will endanger possums.

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