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Whether you have attempted to handle the problem on your own or the opossum has just wandered onto your property and died, you should remove the body as soon as possible. Possum corpses that haven’t been properly disposed of might cause a local stench and draw in predators. Want to know how to get rid of a possum carcass? Dead possums must be removed from the premises. However, it’s not always simple to do so because they occasionally pass away in uncomfortable areas. For this reason, it is recommended that you seek the services of a reliable Dead Possum Removal Melbourne from us.

Dead Possum Removal

Why Dead Possum Removal Is Necessary?

When there are children present, seeing a dead animal is never a pleasant experience. A lot of people have to face these every day. Dead animals also pose a threat to human health. A professional Dead Possum Removal Services in Melbourne should be called as soon as a dead animal is discovered on your property. The body needs to be taken away from your house or company as soon as feasible.

What Are the Risks of Leaving Dead Possums Unattended?

First and foremost, possum carcasses can harbour a variety of diseases that are harmful at best and potentially fatal to humans and domestic animals. You should call an expert Dead Possum Catcher in Melbourne as soon as possible because these infections are often spread through direct touch with the possum’s corpse.

Understanding Dead Possums

What Causes Possum Deaths?

There are a number of causes of death for possums that end their lives under human dwellings. There will be moments when natural factors are to blame. They might have contracted an illness or fallen victim to larger predators. It’s possible that they ate poison that was intentionally left for rats by people. Very rarely does this happen because a homeowner was hasty to close off the wildlife’s habitat.

How to Identify a Dead Possum?

A swarm of flies inside the house and an unpleasant odour are the first warning signs of a deceased possum or rodent. It may be necessary to remove the deceased possum from the roof, as its odour can linger there for up to two months.

What Are the Signs of a Possum Infestation?

  • Possums have caused exterior damage to the building.
  • Lost Pet Treats.
  • Common sounds made by animals.
  • Roaring, Scratching Sounds.
  • Disgusting Odours All Over the Place.

Near Me Possum Removal Melbourne: Who Are They?

The History of Near Me Possum Removal Melbourne:

Our team of skilled and experienced possum catchers in Melbourne will arrive at your property as soon as possible once you schedule an appointment with us. If you need Melbourne’s top possum removal service, contact us right immediately.

What Sets Them Apart from Other Dead Possum Removal Services in Melbourne?

  • Expert possum trappers at Near Me Possum Removal Melbourne always get the job done quickly and thoroughly.
  • In order to protect your home as much as possible throughout the possum removal process, we only hire professional possum catchers that have undergone extensive training and certification.
  • We promise to get rid of all the possums on your property as soon as possible.
  • We offer our Possum Control Melbourne services every day of the year, including weekends and holidays.
  • Booking a same-day or emergency appointment guarantees you will be seen and treated promptly.
  • Once we have worked to secure the major entry sites in your property, possums will not return.

The Process of Dead Possum Removal

The roof and exterior of the structure must be inspected thoroughly, as must the building’s foundation and any crawl spaces.

Galvanised mesh, metal sheeting, or aluminium flashing are used to plug possum access holes; silicon sealant is also an option.

Possums can exit through one-way doors, but they can’t come back inside. Doors in a building are often made to order or designed specifically for that structure.

Once the possums have been successfully relocated, the access points will be permanently closed up.

Except where our expert has specifically specified differently, we do not cover permanently open areas like sub-floors.

Suggestions for Avoiding a Possum Invasion

  • You can hire a professional or do it yourself when it comes to trapping possums with bait. A professional Dead Possum Removal Services in Melbourne should be called as soon as a dead animal is discovered on your property.
  • Possums use their environment to their advantage by foraging for food sources such fruit, vegetables, small animals, and even carrion. They need a spot that is dry and secure enough to use as a den. Chemical and natural repellents that emanate scents and flavours the animals find disagreeable can be used to dissuade possums. These are not poisonous, but they keep possums away.
  • A wildlife control firm should be contacted if possums are causing problems. To prevent the animals from returning, they might trap them and remove them. This is usually the quickest solution because it takes the guesswork out of determining what draws possums to a yard, which can be a frustrating experience for some do-it-yourselfers.
  • You can also prevent possums from gaining access to your property by adopting effective possum-proofing measures.
Dead Possum Removal

Health Risks Posed by Dead Possums

Infected people may experience symptoms like high fever:

  • Bleeding
  • Muscle Ache
  • Vomiting

Help in removing possums is close at hand; just give Near Me Possum Removal Melbourne a call.

Environmental Impact of Possum Infestations

How Possum Infestations Can Harm The Environment?

Possums are major consumers of native plant life and predators of insects and birds. They are the leading cause of decline in forest canopy health and can have far-reaching effects on the native flora and fauna.

How Near Me Possum Removal Melbourne Contribute to Environmental Sustainability?

When we remove possums, we follow the law and remove them humanely. To ensure the long-term health of our ecosystem, we also use eco-friendly practises and green policies. You should call an expert Dead Possum Catcher in Melbourne as soon as possible because infections are often spread through direct touch with the possum’s corpse.

Understanding Possum Behavior

Possums aren’t actually hostile, despite what you may think from their open-mouthed, protective hissing. When that doesn’t work, they simply pretend to be dead. Relax; that opossum in the backyard is harmless. There is no need to worry, as they pose no danger and are likely to go soon.

Licensing and Insurance

  • Is Near Me Possum Removal Melbourne licensed and insured?
  • We have team of TAFE and APCA-certified removal technicians
  • What are the benefits of hiring a licensed and insured service?

Our staff is fully covered by insurance, so you can rest easy knowing that the possums on your property will be removed, no matter what may happen during the removal process.

Dead Possum Removal

Emergency Dead Possum Removal Services

  • If you have spotted possum droppings on your property and are seeking expert possum removal in Brisbane, you’ve come to the right place. In order to protect your health and property, you should hire a professional possum trapping and removal service.
  • Near Me Possum Removal Melbourne has been providing specialised possum removal services for numerous years.
  • We will evaluate your property thoroughly to determine the severity of the possum problem and then we will recommend effective treatment methods and give you advice for preventing further possum invasions.

Possums frequently take refuge in tree trunks and other concealed areas. At night, they are most visible around garbage cans, in the vicinity of wooded regions, and in close proximity to buildings and underground spaces. Our team of Dead Possum Removal Melbourne can take possums out from anywhere from your property and remove possums from these places:

  • Backyard
  • Roof
  • House
  • Under Deck
  • Garage
  • Trap

Ethical and Humane Dead Possum Removal

How does Near Me Possum Removal Melbourne ensure ethical and humane treatment of possums?

  • Possum access holes are sealed with galvanised mesh, metal sheeting, aluminium flashing, and, if necessary, silicon sealant.
  • One-way possum doors are installed to prevent possums from reentering. Doors are frequently manufactured to order in order to fulfil the specific needs of a construction.
  • Possums will be kept out by closing the doors and sealing the openings.
  • You should call an expert Dead Possum Catcher in Melbourne as soon as possible because these infections are often spread through direct touch with the possum’s corpse.

DIY vs. Professional Dead Possum Removal

Possum Handling Laws

The method we utilise is risk-free for both people and possums. Possums are left alone because it is illegal to kill them. To address this issue, we simply trap the possums and relocate them to a more suitable location.

The Significance of Humane and Ethical Possum Removal

A humane animal control agency will be able to not only remove the animals from your home without injuring them, but will also be able to repair any damage they may have caused. Humane animal control ensures that the possums are removed without causing them unnecessary stress, harm, or pain.

Possum Removal Risks and Dangers

If you try to get rid of possums on your own, you could get sick or be exposed to other diseases. Expert Dead Possum Catcher in Melbourne understands how to avoid danger while at job.

What Is Their Policy on Relocating Possums?

According to government studies, many possums that are moved end up dying. When they’re in a strange habitat, they’re easy prey for predators. They could be killed by stress or by being struck by a car while they look for shelter. We do not remove possums from your property because doing so is against the law and cruel to the animals. Our thorough and dependable possum removal and exclusion procedures give homeowners and business owners peace of mind about the safety of their roofs, gutters, and other connected buildings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I find a dead possum on my property?

You just call us and we will do the rest.

Can possums carry diseases?

Yes, they carry many diseases.

How do I know if I have a possum infestation?

There are signs which indicate possum infestation.

How soon can I expect a response from Near Me Possum Removal Melbourne?

You call us and we will be there within an hour.

Are they available 24/7?

Yes, we are available all the time.

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