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Possums can be deceptively dangerous despite their cute and cuddly exterior. To stop the mess from getting worse, you should call possum removal services. Diseases carried by possums can be transmitted to humans and pets. Larger pests like possums can do serious damage to your roof or building as they try to get access to your attic. Once inside, they usually modify their point of entrance by making it larger or by creating more exits. That’s why it’s so important to hire experts in Possum Removal Breakwater to get rid of the animals.

Do you need possum removal in Melbourne right now because you think there may be possums on your property? Seeking a trustworthy possum trapping and removal service to safeguard your home and family. Near Me Possum Removal Melbourne has extensive experience in offering possum removal solutions tailored to individual needs. Depending on the severity of the possum problem, we will conduct a full inspection of your property, recommend effective treatment options, and give you tips for preventing future infestations. Near Me Possum Removal Melbourne, Possum Removal Services Breakwater has a dedicated research team that studies the routines of each possum to ensure a smooth and humane removal process.

Understanding Possum Behavior and Habits

possum eating something

  • Possums have adapted to life among humans and now populate most human-occupied habitats due to the lack of natural predators, hunting, and an abundance of food and shelter. Possums are mostly solitary and only interact during the breeding season in the late winter. They are nocturnal and spend the day hiding out in burrows, under brush piles, in rock crevices, or within hollow tree trunks.
  • They can swim well and climb effectively. Possums spend a lot of time idling around aimlessly on the ground, making them an easy target for passing vehicles.
  • Animal treats can also attract possums. Pick up bowls, leftovers, and spilled food as soon as your pets have finished eating, if you must feed them outside.

Identifying Signs of Possum Presence in Your Home

  • Possums are nocturnal creatures that often avoid human contact. Because of this, it might be difficult to confirm an infestation by sight alone.
  • You can be sure there is a pest on your property if you see any of these indicators.
  • Broken siding, shattered gutters, shredded soffit, ripped shingles, and other exterior damages.
  • Pet food going missing and being dropped on the floor. Possums can’t resist the smell of cat food. The presence of the bug might be confirmed if you notice the cat food disappearing at an alarming rate. You need Possum Removal in Breakwater to get rid of possums.
  • There could be some jarring scratching sounds. Possum infestation can also be confirmed if you find extensive patches of scratching on the floor or wall.
  • The possum’s vocal repertoire includes screeching, hissing, and other sounds. Mother possums use clicks and smacks of their lips to communicate with their young.

Risks and Dangers of DIY Possum Removal in Breakwater

  • If you try to get rid of a possum on your own, you can end up with a disease like rabies or Hantavirus.
    Possums can also steal away the food of your furry friends. You must keep an eye on the pet bowl. Droppings and body oils released from possums can stink badly. The sounds produced by the possums when they communicate with each other can indicate possum infestation.
  • The existence of possums might be inferred from the presence of a foul aroma, as these pests frequently defecate, compromising the property’s healthy environment. Possums are notorious for wreaking havoc on commercial and residential facilities, but they are impossible to trap or eradicate. In Australia, it is against the law to kill pests, and only trained professionals with the proper permissions can legally trap and remove them.
  • Expert Possum Removal Breakwater knows how to avoid danger and has the tools and training to do so. They get rid of possums without resorting to illegal means.

Why Choose Near Me Possum Removal Melbourne in Breakwater?

  • Experience and Expertise in Possum Removal

    Our possum exterminators have been in the business for years. They are Best Possum Removal Services in Breakwater, have APCA and TAFE certifications, and are experts at what they do. This guarantees that when you choose us for possum removal in Melbourne, you’ll be working with a team of trained professionals.

  • Safe and Humane Removal Techniques

    For optimal outcomes, we employ cutting-edge methods and equipment. Our safe and humane methods of possum removal are backed up by state-of-the-art technology like digital cameras, infrared thermometers, moisture meters, motion-sensing cameras, and more.

  • Competitive Pricing and Affordability

    We offer reasonable rates for Possum Removal in Breakwater. We offer cost-effective solutions in Melbourne at rates that won’t break the bank.

  • Positive Customer Reviews and Testimonials

    Because our team has always used methods that are both safe for the possums and humane for the customers, we have received nothing but rave reviews and recommendations. Our methods for possum extermination have received rave reviews and high marks from satisfied customers.

Common Myths About Possums in Breakwater

  • Possums are a Source of Sickness:

    Possums have a high resistance to illness. Their low body temperatures make it unlikely that they would be infected with the rabies virus.

  • Possum Cause Problems

    Possums are great companion animals for a variety of reasons. Despite what you may have heard, they are not ugly.

  • Possum, Upon Closer Inspection, Are Quite Endearing

    Possums are solitary animals that often avoid each other outside of the late winter breeding season. They are nocturnal in nature, spending the day hiding out in sheltered areas like burrows, rock crevices, tree trunks, or underbrush piles. They have superior climbing abilities and can swim well.

The Possum Removal Process

Initial Inspection and Assessment of the Possum Problem

We send out trained Possum Removal Breakwater professionals who can determine which possum species is plaguing your home. The amount of the infestation, any property damage, and the conditions at your home that may have contributed to the problem will all be verified and documented.



Tailored Possum Removal Plan Based on the Specific Situation

We’ll develop a special treatment strategy based on the findings of the inspection. Removal method, treatment schedule, anticipated outcomes, release site, and special instructions for locals will all be detailed in this report. Before starting any procedure, we will update you on the plan of care and rather than using a cookie-cutter approach, we work with each client to develop a customised strategy for building savings.

Safe and Humane Removal Techniques Used By Near Me Possum Removal Melbourne

Our Possum Removal Services Breakwater will set traps and use possum catchers to get rid of the animal. In accordance with Melbourne ordinances, we shall release the animal no more than 50 meters from your home. We will also prevent possums from entering your home by carefully monitoring their movements. Based on the problems and the structure of your home, we may also recommend some major repairs or adjustments.



Repairs and Preventative Measures to Ensure Possums Do Not Return

In addition to being the most effective Possum Removal in Breakwater, we will also give you advice on how to stop possums from invading your home in the future. We’ll provide you tips on how to make the environment as unfriendly as possible to the insect, including netting, electric fencing, and more.

Choosing the Right Possum Removal Company

If you have enough knowledge and tools, you might be able to handle some possum conflicts on your own. However, if you decide to seek outside help, follow these steps to hire a firm that meets your standards for being humane, efficient, and ethical.

  • Enquire about an inspection and a written quote.
  • Find out the particulars of the plan for dealing with the possums and the problem.
  • Demand that humane methods be used.
  • Keep an eye out for questionable charges and procedures.
  • Find reliable references.
  • Verify if the company has the proper licensing and insurance.
possum taking food

Why Near Me Possum Removal Melbourne is the Best Choice?

We have got the Best Possum Removal Services in Breakwater and our Possum Removal Breakwater experts are second to none and we are best because:

  • Best possible safety.
  • Specialists with APCA and TAFE Certifications.
  • Services in a Hurry.
  • Legally Compliant Assistance.
  • Service with a smile and honesty.
  • Guaranteed Effectiveness in Every Case.

We also aim to provide our clients with a smooth, expert service experience. We want people to feel comfortable reaching out to us with any questions, comments, or concerns, and we aim to respond to each inquiry in a prompt and thorough manner. In addition, our pest treatment professionals can adjust their schedules to meet the needs of our clients.

When you contact us about your pest control needs, you’ll immediately notice a difference because of our emphasis on open lines of communication.

Customers can reach out to us whenever they like with inquiries, and they will receive prompt responses and directions towards the appropriate services. Our inspection and treatment services are completely adaptable to the needs of our clients, and we work around their schedules whenever possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to the possums once they are removed?

Remove them from your roof and relocate them to a safe location, preferably a tree in the yard.

How much does possum removal cost?

We provide competitive pricing in the town.

How long does the removal process take?

It depends on possum infestation level.

How can I prevent possums from returning to my home?

You call us and follow our tips to keep possums at bay.

Do you offer any warranties or guarantees?

Yes, we do offer.

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